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Korean Drama (2021) Chimera Season 1 [S01] English SRT Subtitles

Chimera – Korean Drama
Chimera (Korean Drama)

Synopsis : Chimera incident, serial murder and explosion crime that shook the year of 1984, takes place exactly the same thirty five years later in 2019. Just like the terrible explosion in the past, the murder of the crime is called Chimera, a monster in the Greek myth with the head of a lion, body as a goat, and tail as a snake that shoots fire through its throat.

Chimera // Kimaira

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Cast: Lee Hee-joon, Joon-seok Heo, Woo Hyeon

Release Date: October 30, 2021 (South Korea)

Download SRT “Chimera” First Season Subtitles

Download Chimera Season 1 Episode 1 (S01E01) English Subtitle
Download Chimera Season 1 Episode 2 (S01E02) English Subtitle
Download Chimera Season 1 Episode 3 (S01E03) English Subtitle
Download Chimera Season 1 Episode 4 (S01E04) English Subtitle
Download Chimera Season 1 Episode 5 (S01E05) English Subtitle
Download Chimera Season 1 Episode 6 (S01E06) English Subtitle
Download Chimera Season 1 Episode 7 (S01E07) English Subtitle
Download Chimera Season 1 Episode 8 (S01E08) English Subtitle
Download Chimera Season 1 Episode 9 (S01E09) English Subtitle
Download Chimera Season 1 Episode 10 (S01E10) English Subtitle

Season 1, Episode 1 – “A Strange Shadow
A car explodes in the middle of the city and kills a person. The cause of the explosion is unknown. Cha Jae Hwan, a detective from the Violent Crimes Unit, notices something strange at the scene. Eugene Hathaway, an FBI agent on duty in Korea, helps him take another look. Later, Jae Hwan chases after a suspect, and in the end, he gets faced with a dark figure.

Season 1, Episode 2 – “Another Trap
Jae Han gets greeted by Reporter Kim Hyo Kyung at the hospital, and Captain Han realizes that the incidents occurring now are related to the Chimera Case from 35 years ago. Jae Han tries to provoke elite surgeon Lee Joong Yeop with facts of Son Wan Ki’s death, but Joong Yeop avoids anything that could incriminate him. While Jae Han suspects Joong Yeop, he gets pulled into another trap.

Season 1, Episode 3 – “Water on Fire
After Ju Seok’s death, a special task force gets formed. Jae Hwan gets interrogated for being at the crime scene, and he tells them that the water caught on fire. However, no one believes him. Jae Hwan still suspects Joong Yeop as the culprit. With Eugene’s help, he digs into the mystery and finds crucial evidence.

Season 1, Episode 4 – “The English Doctor
Without an attorney at his side, Joong Yeop agrees to get questioned by the police. Jae Hwan tries to get him to talk but ends up losing his pace. In Eugene’s interrogation, he skillfully avoids answering any questions. Meanwhile, a call from Eugene’s contact reveals his unexpected past.

Season 1, Episode 5 – “Checkmate
Seoryun Medical Center’s legal team stops the police’s interrogation of Joong Yeop, the main suspect, and he is free to leave. After having drinks with the investigation team, Jae Hwan opens up and tells Eugene about his father’s death. Now safely at his house, Joong Yeop recollects what happened at the Macheon Police Department when he was young. Later, Joong Yeop shows up at Eugene’s lecture and brings up the past.

Season 1, Episode 6 – “Lee Sang Woo’s Death
Jae Hwan and Eugene question the death of Lee Sang Woo that occurred 35 years ago. As they dig into the case file, they come across Bae Seung Kwan’s name, the current chief of police at Joongsan. Slowly, the truth behind what happened 35 years ago becomes revealed through Seung Kwan and Hahm Yong Bok’s conversation.

Season 1, Episode 7 – “White Phosphorous
Jae Hwan tells Captain Ko Gwang Soo that Hahm Yon Bok was in charge of the Chimera Case 35 years ago and shares his suspicions surrounding Lee Sang Woo’s death. While Jae Hwan and Eugene look into Joong Yeop and Lee Sang Woo’s relationship, Joong Yeop tells an enlightening story. Meanwhile, another explosion takes place.

Season 1, Episode 8 – “Two Chimeras
After the explosion, Hyo Kyung from UBS Newsroom visits Eugene at her office. She tells her that she believes the Chimera Case from 35 years ago is related to the current incidents. Since they don’t have any hard evidence, she asks her to join hands and use the media to find the Chimera Killer.

Season 1, Episode 9 – “The Firefighter
Jae Hwan asks Chief Bae why Hahm Yong Bok got discharged 35 years ago, but Chief Bae becomes defensive and doesn’t give him an answer. Meanwhile, Agent Hathaway finds suspicious things about Kang Sang Gu and keeps a close eye on him. However, Kang Sang Gu also has his eyes on her.

Season 1, Episode 10 – “The Real Chimera
Kang Sang Gu is taken in as a strong suspect of the Chimera Murders. Right before when Seo Hyun Tae could have been in grave danger, solid evidence is found at Sang Gu’s home, and he confesses to all the murders he committed as the Chimera. Something however, tells Jae Hwan that the case is not over yet. His gut feeling keeps alerting him that the true Chimera might still be at large.

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How To Add Subtitle To Chimera – Korean Drama In Media Player

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  • Step 3 - However, If step 1 and 2 above didn’t work out, then after opening your preferred movie player and movie is ready to be played. Select option or tools, then click on subtitles, navigate to the subtitle folder and select the actual subtitle file and the movie will start displaying along with the subtitle right away.
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