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Demons from Her Past Subtitles (2007)

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Demons from Her Past (2007)
MOVIE: Demons from Her Past (2007)
Cynthia Gibb, Alexandra Paul, John Ralston, Rob Stewart
Allison returns from Paris to her hometown Gilroy for the funeral of her grandmother after an absence of twenty-five years. On 10 July 1981, while driving her car on the road with her friends Quentin and K.C. that are drinking beer supplied by Quentin’s brother Ray, the wasted K.C. takes the wheel from Alison and steps on the accelerator, hitting and killing the boy Patrick Jason Connelly. However, they leave the crime scene; call their mate Jeremy to give an alibi and commit perjury in the trial, telling that they were playing football and Allison was driving alone. She is convicted and spends three years in prison, destroying her life. Now that her grandmother is gone, Allison wants to prove her innocence and clear her name, but Ray is the local Sheriff; Jeremy is the director of the hospital; and K.C. is running the elections for senator. Quentin becomes the hope of Allison to get a confession and achieve her objective, but K.C., his wife Ellie and Jeremy decide to silence Allison.

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Demons from Her Past (2007) Further Details

  • Original Title: Demons from Her Past
  • Release: 2007-01-22
  • Rating: 5 by 4 users
  • Runtime: 88 min.
  • Studio: Lion Tropical Productions
  • Country:
  • Language: English
  • Genre: TV Movie,Crime,Drama,Mystery
  • Stars: Alexandra Paul, Michael Woods, Cynthia Gibb, Rob Stewart, John Ralston, Kevin Jubinville, Sophie Gendron
  • Keywords:
  • Tagline:

Demons from her past 2007 movie moviefone demons from her past 2007 tmdb score 50 not yet rated 1 hr 28 min jan 22nd 2007 tv movie stream amp watch online powered by justwatch subs cast amp crew alexandra paul as alison Amazon watch demons from her past prime video demons from her past 3 imdb 47 1h 29min 2007 pg13 starring alexandra paul and cynthia gibb twentyfive years after being convicted for a crime she didnt commit allison returns to her hometown to expose those who framed her director reel one entertainment inc genres drama subtitles english cc audio languages english this video is currently unavailable to watch in your location Demons from her past 2007 rotten tomatoes 2007 add article demons from her past critics consensus no consensus yet tomatometer not yet available tomatometer total count na 29 audience score user ratings 288 demons from her past

Demons from her past 2007 the movie database tmdb demons from her past isnt actually that terrible but the poor acting and dumb character behaviour hampers everything else down the premise is more than decent but the way the characters are portrayed just doesnt make sense a lot of the time they have an annoying knack of explaining their plans straight to their enemies in private settings before reacting with shock that it led to bad Demons from her past online 2007 movie yidio watch demons from her past online demons from her past the 2007 movie trailers videos and more at yidio Demons from her past xfinity stream demons from her past alexandra paul cynthia gibb michael woods 2007 a woman alexandra paul returns to her hometown to uncover the truth behind her wrongful conviction for a crime 25 years earlier more start shopping sign in sign in watch for free watch for free rentbuy rent buy subscribe play play resume watch record series 96min rotten tomatoes 0 28 watch for free Demons from her past tv movie 2007 imdb directed by douglas jackson with alexandra paul michael woods cynthia gibb rob stewart a woman returns to her hometown after 25 years to attend her grandmothers funeral and to prove that others were responsible for a crime that she was convicted of when she was 18 and spent 3years in prison.

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