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The subtitles file for Mare of Easttown Season 1 is now available in Srt, Zip or Rar format. We also enable options for different languages should incase you preferred another language rather than English.

Mare of Easttown Season 1 (S01) English SRT Subtitles (2021-) Tv Series

Mare of Easttown Season 1
Mare of Easttown Tv Series

SynopsisA detective in a small Pennsylvania town investigates a local murder while trying to keep her life from falling apart.

Episode 3: As Mare and Colin parse new physical evidence, phone records lead to an unlikely suspect; after lashing out at Helen about a possible custody fight over Drew, Mare receives some unprompted advice from Richard on how to move forward with Carrie.

Episode 4: “Poor Sisyphus” – Colin presses a local priest about his past. An anonymous call gives Dawn hope that Katie might still be alive.

Episode 5: “Illusions” – In her mandated therapy, Mare opens up about her family’s history with mental health; Lori tries to get to the bottom of her son’s outburst at school; Mare meets with a semi-retired source to help find a possible connection to her three cases.

Mare of Easttown Tv Show (Season 1 / 7 Episodes)

  • Tv Series Title: Mare of Easttown
  • Casts: Sosie Bacon, David Denman, Neal Huff
  • Written By: Brad Ingelsby
  • Created By: Craig Zobel
  • Genres: Crime, Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: April 18, 2021 –
  • Duration: 57–60 Minutes

In the small community of Easttown, Detective Mare Sheehan is called on to reopen the year-old investigation into a missing girl named Katie Bailey when the girl’s mother, Dawn, speaks out on the news about the unsolved case. Mare does not believe Katie will be found. She is also called to investigate a prowler supposedly peeping in windows, and a break-in where she sprains her ankle chasing the suspect.

Mare has some local fame for winning a basketball game with a difficult shot in high school, and attends the 25th anniversary commemorating the game. Afterward she meets Richard, an author who recently moved to town, and the two have sex. Richard pursues a relationship with Mare, but she insists it was a one-night stand.

Meanwhile Erin McMenamin, a local teenage mother, struggles to find the funds for a surgery to treat her baby’s ear infection. Her abusive father Kenny refuses to pay for it, as does her ex-boyfriend Dylan, who fathered the child and has split custody. Erin looks forward to meeting Brendan, a boy she has been texting.

However, when she arrives at the park where they plan to meet that night, it turns out “Brendan” was a catfish set up by Dylan’s violently territorial new girlfriend Brianna, who ambushes Erin with a group of friends and beats her. This is witnessed by Mare’s daughter Siobhan, who comes to Erin’s aid. Erin escapes into the wilderness, but the next morning her dead body is found naked in the river with a severe head wound.

Mare of Easttown Tv Series Trailer

Mare of Easttown Season 1 (S01 – S1) Subtitles Srt Download

Season 1 Episodes Status
S01 7 Eps Completed

Download Subtitles (ZIP)

Mare of Easttown Season 1 English Subtitles

Subtitle Preview:

00:00:01,792 –> 00:00:17,375
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00:00:22,416 –> 00:00:23,750
00:00:38,458 –> 00:00:40,041
00:00:48,583 –> 00:00:54,625
00:00:58,124 –> 00:00:59,124
00:01:05,291 –> 00:01:06,458
Mrs. Carroll?

Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 1 - S01E01
Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 2 - S01E02
Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 3 - S01E03
Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 4 - S01E04
Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 5 - S01E05
Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 6 - S01E06
Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 7 - S01E07
Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 8 - S01E08
Mare of Easttown Season 2 Episode 1 - S02E01

Note: This file is in zip format and contains All episodes of the series. The Subtitles are both in English and Persian / Farsi language. We will keep updating this page for more languages in future.

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