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Subtitles for Mouse – Korean Drama - Srt / Zip Download

The subtitles file for Mouse – Korean Drama is now available in Srt, Zip or Rar format. We also enable options for different languages should incase you preferred another language rather than English.

Mouse (2021) Season 1 Subtitles – Korean Drama [Episode 1-20]

Mouse – Korean Drama
Mouse (2021) (KDrama)

SynopsisA psychopath’s ruthless serial murders have left the entire nation gripped with fear and chaos. An honest and justice-seeking rookie police officer and a veteran detective with a tragic past, face against the killer. After the encounter with the psychopath, their lives totally change.

Mouse // Mauseu

Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Casts: Lee Seung-gi, Hee-joon Lee, Park Joo-Hyun

Ratings: 9.4/10 – ** votes

A suspenseful story that asks the key question, “What if we could identify psychopaths in advance?” A crazed serial killer’s ruthless murders have left the entire nation gripped with fear, and chaos reigns.

Justice-seeking rookie police officer, Jung Ba Reum, comes face to face with the killer. While he survives his dangerous encounter with the psychopath, Jung Ba Reum finds his life completely changing before his eyes.

Mouse (2021) K-Drama Trailer

Mouse (2021) Korean Drama – Season 1 – Subtitles Srt Download

S01 Episodes Status
Season 1 20 – Eps Completed

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Download Mouse (2021) (KDrama) English Subtitles [Episode 1 – 20]

Mouse – Episode 1 | English Subtitles

SynopsisTerrifying news of an unsolved serial killing case strikes the country, putting everyone in fear. One day, a family of four visits a campsite just to face a horrible death by this very serial killer, Head Hunter. A boy survives the ambush and later on pinpoints the prime suspect as the killer. Meanwhile, a gene test to verify an unborn fetus for its potential psychopathic characteristics is carried out on Head Hunter’s baby, and the baby’s mother has to make a choice.

Episode Title: Mouse

Episode Number: 1

Release Date: March 3, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 2 | English Subtitles

SynopsisMoo Chi visits the Head Hunter at the prison and tells him that he’ll not only kill the Head Hunter but find his son and make him suffer as he did. Meanwhile, more murder victims are found in a row and the culprit is leaving leads, asking to be noticed. When Ba Reum visits Moojin Prison, he sees the Head Hunter and also witnesses another murder case.

Episode Title: S01 E02

Episode Number: 2

Release Date: March 4, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 3 | English Subtitles

SynopsisChi Kook has been found at the prison with multiple stab marks all over his body along with a message written in blood. Not long after that, Chi Kook’s watch, a present gifted by Ba Reum and Dong Koo, was retrieved at the grape farm murder site, leading Ba Reum to join Moo Chi for the investigation. Meanwhile, Bong Yi’s grandmother stumbles upon something she should’ve never found out while working as a cleaning lady for Bong Yi’s settlement money.

Episode Title: S01 E03

Episode Number: 3

Release Date: March 10, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 4 | English Subtitles

** Not available yet… **

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Mouse – Episode 5 | English Subtitles

** Not available yet… **

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Mouse – Episode 6 | English Subtitles

** Not available yet… **

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Mouse – Episode 7 | English Subtitles

** Not available yet… **

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Mouse – Episode 8 | English Subtitles

** Not available yet… **

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Mouse – Episode 9 | English Subtitles

** Not available yet… **

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Mouse – Episode 10 | English Subtitles

** Not available yet… **

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Mouse Season 1 Episode 1 - S01 E01
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 2 - S01 E02
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 3 - S01 E03
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 4 - S01 E04
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 5 - S01 E05
Mouse Season 1 Episode 6 - S01 E06
Mouse Season 1 Episode 7 - S01 E07
Mouse Season 1 Episode 8 - S01 E08
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 9 - S01E09
Mouse Season 1 Episode 10 - S01 E10
Mouse Season 1 Episode 11 - S01 E11
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 12 - S01 E12
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 13 - S01 E13
Mouse Season 1 Episode 14 - S01 E14
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 15 - S01 E15
Mouse Season 1 Episode 16 - S01 E16
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 17 - S01 E17
Mouse Season 1 Episode 18 - S01 E18
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 19 - S01 E19
Mouse Season 1 Episode 20 - S01 E20

Note: This file is in zip format and contains All episodes of the series. The Subtitles are both in English and Persian / Farsi language. We will keep updating this page for more languages in future.

The Subtitle(s) for Mouse – Korean Drama may either be in single Srt format or multi file  compress to Zip / Rar format. Either way, we have provide simple details guide on how to add or use this subtitle file(s) on your Media Player with the movie - Mouse – Korean Drama.

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How To Add Subtitle To Mouse – Korean Drama In Media Player

Before you can add Mouse – Korean Drama subtitle file file to the movie, you should make sure the exact SRT file for the particular movie format is downloaded from .
To download subtitles for Mouse – Korean Drama, right click on the Black button above with your preferred language. Your subtitle file will begin downloading immediately.
Below are the step-by-step guide to add subtitles for Mouse – Korean Drama file on your movie player.
  • Step 1 - After downloading the Mouse – Korean Drama subtitles file in zip format. Extract the Srt files in it and copy or move it to the exact file/folder location of the movie on your mobile phone or personal computer.
  • Step 2 - After moving the subs  file for Mouse – Korean Drama to the same movie file location, the movie might play alongside the subtitles without any further settings or configuration.
  • Step 3 - However, If step 1 and 2 above didn’t work out, then after opening your preferred movie player and movie is ready to be played. Select option or tools, then click on subtitles, navigate to the subtitle folder and select the actual subtitle file and the movie will start displaying along with the subtitle right away.
  • Step 4 - Lastly, if you are watching with VLC or MX Player on your Laptop, you can easily drag and drop the SRT file over the playing movie, and it should work correctly.

  • If the above Subtitle file for Mouse – Korean Drama is not working as expected after following our recommended guide above. Use the comment box below to notify us and we will surely provide another adequate and a better version for you.

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