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Mouse (2021) Season 1 Subtitles – Korean Drama [Episode 1-20]

Mouse – Korean Drama
Mouse (2021) (KDrama)

SynopsisA psychopath’s ruthless serial murders have left the entire nation gripped with fear and chaos. An honest and justice-seeking rookie police officer and a veteran detective with a tragic past, face against the killer. After the encounter with the psychopath, their lives totally change.

Mouse // Mauseu

Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Casts: Lee Seung-gi, Hee-joon Lee, Park Joo-Hyun

Ratings: 9.4/10 – ** votes

A suspenseful story that asks the key question, “What if we could identify psychopaths in advance?” A crazed serial killer’s ruthless murders have left the entire nation gripped with fear, and chaos reigns.

Justice-seeking rookie police officer, Jung Ba Reum, comes face to face with the killer. While he survives his dangerous encounter with the psychopath, Jung Ba Reum finds his life completely changing before his eyes.

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Mouse (2021) Korean Drama – Season 1 – Subtitles Srt Download

S01 Episodes Status
Season 1 20 – Eps Completed

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Mouse – Episode 1 | English Subtitles

SynopsisTerrifying news of an unsolved serial killing case strikes the country, putting everyone in fear. One day, a family of four visits a campsite just to face a horrible death by this very serial killer, Head Hunter. A boy survives the ambush and later on pinpoints the prime suspect as the killer. Meanwhile, a gene test to verify an unborn fetus for its potential psychopathic characteristics is carried out on Head Hunter’s baby, and the baby’s mother has to make a choice.

Episode Title: Mouse

Episode Number: 1

Release Date: March 3, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 2 | English Subtitles

SynopsisMoo Chi visits the Head Hunter at the prison and tells him that he’ll not only kill the Head Hunter but find his son and make him suffer as he did. Meanwhile, more murder victims are found in a row and the culprit is leaving leads, asking to be noticed. When Ba Reum visits Moojin Prison, he sees the Head Hunter and also witnesses another murder case.

Episode Title: S01 E02

Episode Number: 2

Release Date: March 4, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 3 | English Subtitles

SynopsisChi Kook has been found at the prison with multiple stab marks all over his body along with a message written in blood. Not long after that, Chi Kook’s watch, a present gifted by Ba Reum and Dong Koo, was retrieved at the grape farm murder site, leading Ba Reum to join Moo Chi for the investigation. Meanwhile, Bong Yi’s grandmother stumbles upon something she should’ve never found out while working as a cleaning lady for Bong Yi’s settlement money.

Episode Title: S01 E03

Episode Number: 3

Release Date: March 10, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 4 | English Subtitles

SynopsisAfter Bong Yi’s grandmother is murdered and a mysterious finger is found at a church, Moo Chi and his team start investigating more thoroughly. Moo Chi feels that something is suspicious about Doctor Sung Yo Han, but he can’t find any evidence yet. A boy suddenly gets kidnapped and Moo Chi gets a call from the kidnapper. He demands Moo Chi to find out the reason why the boy had to be kidnapped before a certain time. Will Moo Chi be able to save the kid?

Episode Number: 4

Release Date: March 11, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 5 | English Subtitles

Synopsis – Mouse

Episode Number: 5

Release Date: March 17, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 6 | English Subtitles

SynopsisAfter Moo Won is brutally murdered, Moo Chi gives up on everything and only keeps drinking. While Han Kook is still missing and his life is under threat, the police haven’t found any clues on the culprit. When Moo Chi gets back on his feet and starts investigating Bong Yi’s grandmother’s case, he finds out about Yo Han and his mother.

Episode Number: 8

Release Date: March 18, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 7 | English Subtitles

SynopsisAfter getting a gunshot wound, Yo Han is in critical condition. Ba Reum gets brain surgery. But after receiving the brain surgery, he suffers from memory loss. After a year, Moo Chi is assigned to a new team that collects and organizes criminal evidence. Ba Reum starts to work for a small precinct. On his first day at work, he accidentally finds a dead body.

Episode Number: 7

Release Date: March 24, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 8 | English Subtitles

SynopsisBa Reum’s instinctive intuition helps Moo Chi get closer to the bottom of the mystery behind the knots. But he suffers from the random flashbacks that seem very unfamiliar. While investigating the suspects, Moo Chi and Ba Reum spot a man who stands out from the rest. On the other hand, Kang Duk Soo, who has been released from prison keeps trying to find out where Bong Yi lives.

Episode Number: 8

Release Date: March 25, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 9 | English Subtitles

Synopsis – Mouse

Episode Number: 9

Release Date: March 31, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 10 | English Subtitles

SynopsisBa Reum finds himself acting a lot more violent than before and realizes that it’s getting harder to control himself. He even gets the urge to kill someone. While Ba Reum is terrified that the Yo Han inside him might take him over completely, another murder case occurs that shows the MO of the previous murder cases. If Yo Han wasn’t the culprit of the serial murders, then is the piece of brain transplanted into Ba Reum’s head not of a psychopath?

Episode Number: 10

Release Date: April 1, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 11 | English Subtitles

SynopsisBa Reum keeps hearing Yo Han’s voice in his head telling him to kill people. The hallucination eventually made him murder Woo Hyung Chul. When he goes to the station to turn himself in, he finds out all the evidence related to his murder is gone, including Woo Hyung Chul’s body. Bong Yi runs into Kang Duk Soo, which makes her anxious. On a rainy day, Kang Duk Soo starts making a move again.

Episode Number: 11

Release Date: April 8, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 12 | English Subtitles

Synopsis – Mouse

Episode Number: 12

Release Date: April 13, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 13 | English Subtitles

SynopsisThe DNA result found on the weapon that was used to kill Kang Duk Soo confuses Moo Chi. Bong Yi joins Hong Ju’s team and starts investigating the Suseong serial murder case. With Ba Reum, Bong Yi begins to find the link between the Suseong serial murder cases and the Guryeong attempted murder case. At the same time, Moo Chi also looks into one of the inmates’ cases from Moojin Penitentiary.

Episode Number: 13

Release Date: April 15, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 14 | English Subtitles

Synopsis – Mouse

Episode Number: 14

Release Date: April 21, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 15 | English Subtitles

SynopsisBa Reum starts to remember everything and is filled with guilt. When Ba Reum sees Han Kook’s mother desperately looking for her child even after a year, he decides to confess his crimes and clear Yo Han’s name. Meanwhile, Moo Chi notices that Chi Kook is lying and that he reacts strangely sensitive towards Ba Reum.

Episode Number: 15

Episode Title: It Was All Me!

Release Date: April 22, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 16 | English Subtitles

SynopsisThe truth behind Chiguk’s death! I started to fall into confusion over the successive Barum’s suspicious actions! Barum recalls his last meeting with Chiguk, and realizes that there is a question of unknown substance. While pursuing them, he begins to discover the shocking truths surrounding him..!

Episode Number: 16

Release Date: May 5, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 17 | English Subtitles

SynopsisBa Reum finally remembers what exactly happened to his family. He tries to set a trap to catch the mysterious OZ, and he finds out a secret about Dr. Daniel Lee in the process. Meanwhile, Moo Chi finds the unregistered car the OZ, the murderer who killed Chi Kook, used.

Episode Number: 17

Episode Title:

Release Date: May 6, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 18 | English Subtitles

SynopsisJohn’s last word! All the puzzles of the question have been put together! However, the suspicion of Muchi chasing down to the bottom of his chin eventually leads him to blame himself for his crime..! Meanwhile, Bong-i begins to suspect that John Sung is not the culprit! He remembers the wound he inflicted on the killer’s left arm and goes to Mujincheong and finds out a surprising fact.

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 18

Release Date: May 12, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 19 | English Subtitles

SynopsisMoo Chi and Bong Yi get closer to the truth. In the meantime, Ba Reum tries to find his aunt, the last missing puzzle piece. Sang, who tries to confirm Ba Reum’s alibi, finds something suspicious at Ba Reum’s house.

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 19

Release Date: May 13, 2021

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Mouse – Episode 20 | English Subtitles

SynopsisThe true culprit of the Mujin serial murder case and the full story of OZ! After everything is revealed, the police begin an all-out war to arrest Choi Young-shin, but is in danger of sending it out due to lack of evidence. Meanwhile, amidst this chaos, the presidential election is finally taking place..!

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 20

Release Date: May 19, 2021

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Mouse Season 1 Episode 1 - S01 E01
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 2 - S01 E02
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 3 - S01 E03
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 4 - S01 E04
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 5 - S01 E05
Mouse Season 1 Episode 6 - S01 E06
Mouse Season 1 Episode 7 - S01 E07
Mouse Season 1 Episode 8 - S01 E08
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 9 - S01E09
Mouse Season 1 Episode 10 - S01 E10
Mouse Season 1 Episode 11 - S01 E11
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 12 - S01 E12
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 13 - S01 E13
Mouse Season 1 Episode 14 - S01 E14
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 15 - S01 E15
Mouse Season 1 Episode 16 - S01 E16
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 17 - S01 E17
Mouse Season 1 Episode 18 - S01 E18
Mouse (2021) Season 1 Episode 19 - S01 E19
Mouse Season 1 Episode 20 - S01 E20

Note: This file is in zip format and contains All episodes of the series. The Subtitles are both in English and Persian / Farsi language. We will keep updating this page for more languages in future.

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