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Korean Drama (2021-) Sell Your Haunted House English SRT Subtitles

Sell Your Haunted House
Sell Your Haunted House (Korean Drama)

SynopsisThe story of a real estate agent who performs exorcism on real estates where ghosts appear or people die in and makes them clean items.

Sell Your Haunted House // Daebakbudongsan

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Casts: Jang Na-ra, Yong-hwa Jung, Kil-kang Ahn

Release Date: April 14, 2021

Sell Your Haunted House (KDrama)

  • Drama Title: Sell Your Haunted House / The Chronicle of Haunted Real Estate / Daebak Real Estate
  • Romanization: Daebakbudongsan / 대박부동산
  • Directed By: Park Jin-Suk
  • Writer(s): Ha Soo-Jin, Lee Young-Hwa, Jung Yeon-Seo
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: April 14 – June 3, 2021
  • Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 21:30
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea
Sell Your Haunted House Season 1

Download Sell Your Haunted House Season 1 Subtitles

Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 1 | English Subtitle

SynopsisAn actual exorcist, Hong Ji A, gets rid of unrested spirits to sell houses at original market prices. On the other hand, Oh In Bum is a fake exorcist who calls himself a Doctor of the Paranormal to scam people. Two totally different characters live their lives as they used to until the day they run into each other.

Episode Number: 1

Release Date: April 14, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 2 | English Subtitle

SynopsisLee Eun Hye, the director of Britium Art Museum, is having issues regarding an unrested spirit haunting her museum. As soon as Oh In Bum hears the news, he comes up with a plan to scam Lee Eun Hye. But it does not turn out well after running into Hong Ji A again in the museum. Ji A keeps trying to persuade In Bum to work as her psychic for just one case, but he keeps refusing. Despite their differences, they keep meeting on a crossroad which they do not know where it leads.

Episode Number: 2

Release Date: April 15, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 3 | English Subtitle

SynopsisThinking that the death of Ji A’s mother has something to do with his uncle’s death, In Bum determines to work with Ji A. Despite her refusal to continue working with a fraud, Secretary Joo persuades Ji A because he was the strongest psychic they have ever seen. The two eventually start their fragile partnership and begin working cases.

Episode Number: 3

Release Date: April 21, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 4 | English Subtitle

SynopsisJi A closes the Britium case with the help of In Bum. However, he goes through side effects from the possession of Byung Ho’s spirit. Knowing everything that Byung Ho had gone through, In Bum cannot resist the pain and sorrow that Byung Ho had felt. Everything he tries to deal with the side effects was meaningless, but he soon comes up with another plan.

Episode Number: 4

Release Date: April 22, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 5 | English Subtitle

SynopsisJi A runs into an unrested spirit that is haunting the chairman of Dohak Construction. She straight away recognizes him as he is related to her mother’s last exorcism. Meanwhile, Ji A and In Bum visit Green Vila for another case, and the spirit doesn’t even know that she was dead after being scammed. In Bum and Ji Chul secretly look for President Hwang, and Ji A meets his sister, Hwang Ji Yeon.

Episode Number: 5

Release Date: April 28, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 6 | English Subtitle

SynopsisSell Your Haunted House.

Episode Number: 6

Release Date: April 29, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 7 | English Subtitle

SynopsisJia, trying to get closer to the truth of the case 20 years ago, meets the police who investigated the case through the state secretary, but cannot find out any new facts. Meanwhile, In-beom finds the main secretary at Dohak Construction, which he found to find out the relationship between his uncle and Dohak-seong, and is confused.

Episode Number: 7

Release Date: May 5, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 8 | English Subtitle

SynopsisJi A blatantly blames In Bum for the missing 1979 Record of Exorcism while he has to deal with his van getting robbed clean. Later, a new client comes asking for help. Their late daughter Eun Byeol seems to be causing a ruckus within their apartment amid a social clash between the apartment residents. Ji A and In Bum scout the apartment complex and confirm that it is indeed a child’s spirit.

Episode Number: 8

Release Date: May 6, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 9 | English Subtitle

SynopsisAfter finding out that In Bum and his uncle were the cause of her mother’s death, Ji A tells In Bum to get lost and never return. In Bum leaves, but unfortunately, he finds shocking proof that his uncle was part of the Yongnam village fire. Meanwhile, Ji Chul meets his girlfriend for the first time, who happens to be encountering a vengeful spirit. He recommends her to Daebak Realty for help.

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 9

Release Date: May 12, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 10 | English Subtitle

SynopsisSoo Jung asks Ji A for her help to rectify her guilt after finding out Hyun Ju died trying to help her. With the cameras recording, Soo Jung sets herself up as bait to lure Ma Kwang Tae to her room. He can’t resist and takes the bait. Meanwhile, Do Hak Sung loses his patience with Daebak Realty and sends in his men once again.

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 10

Release Date: May 13, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 11 | English Subtitle

SynopsisJi A and In Bum escape from the cold storage facility, minutes away from hypothermia. However, Ms. Ju sustains serious injuries after meeting with Do Hak Sung. Ji A can’t comprehend how her mother saved her life when she can’t be outside Daebak Realty. To find the truth, Ji A puts up Daebak Realty on a silver platter for Do Hak Sung.

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 11

Release Date: May 19, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 12 | English Subtitle

SynopsisAfter a hectic exorcism, Ji A manages to set Oh Sung Sik’s spirit free and saves In Bum’s life from Do Hak Sung. Although the exorcism was a success, the memories absorbed by In Bum don’t have any answers to Ji A’s quest of setting her mother free. Meanwhile, In Bum visits his grandmother to share the news of her son not committing suicide.

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 12

Release Date: May 20, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 13 | English Subtitle

SynopsisJi A wakes up devastated after learning the truth about what happened 20 years ago that caused her to lose her mother. Although Secretary Ju tries to explain why she hid the facts from her, Ji A banishes her from her life. Meanwhile, In Bum also learns the truth from Secretary Ju, and in return, he tells her what she meant to Ji A.

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 13

Release Date: May 26, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 14 | English Subtitle

SynopsisJia realizes that the reason for not letting her mother go is because of her obsession and regret, and she suffers from guilt. In-beom sincerely comforts Jia, who is full of anxiety. Meanwhile, Dohak-seong, who felt pressured by the re-investigation of the arson case 20 years ago and the investigation of the slush fund for the construction of Dohak, creates a new version…

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 14

Release Date: June 2, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 15 | English Subtitle

SynopsisDo Hak Sung gets released from police custody and makes his way to Scruffy. However, it doesn’t take long for Ji A and In Bum to find the secret ledger containing Dohak Construction’s corruption, putting him back on the wanted list. Meanwhile, from the disaster, an egg ghost appears, taking the lives of the survivors.

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 15

Release Date: June 3, 2021

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Sell Your Haunted House – Episode 16 | English Subtitle

SynopsisJi Chul and Secretary Ju arrive just in time to scare off Do Hak Sung. With a bag full of money, he runs away. However, he bumps into the wrong person and plummets to his death. While In Bum gets taken to the hospital, Do Hak Sung’s unrested spirit enters his body. He walks toward Daebak Realty, where Ji A awaits to keep her promise with In Bum.

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 16

Release Date: June 9, 2021

Source: Sell.Your.Haunted.House.S01E16.1080p.H264.AAC.WEB-DL-Phanteam

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